HARMONY Pro Aviation Kit


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  • Headphone
  • Microphone Length
  • Plug Style
  • Case

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HARMONY Pro for Aviation


The Aviation Cable, Headphone Cable and Microphone Boom are all separate components that connect together


Additional Application Cables can be purchased to use your headset with a smart phone, PC and other audio devices


To upgrade to new headphones, you only need to buy a new Headphone Cable, the rest of the parts will work with it


Easily replace broken components without having to send everything in for repair (we can still repair everything)

Aviation Cable

Compatible with all high-impedance aviation communication panels.

Cell Phone Compatibility

The Auxiliary Audio Jack works with any device compatible with external microphones (Smart Phones, tablets, etc)

● Make and receive phone calls using your headset
● You will always hear ATC, even when on a phone call, so you won't miss a radio call
● Wired connection doesn't require batteries or Bluetooth

The Microphone Output Selector switches the microphone connection to either the Aircraft or the Attached Device
(the microphone cannot be connected to both simultaneously)

Headphone Cable

Precisely fits the headphones for a seamless and a secure fit.

  • Composite Carbon Fiber shell
  • Solid cast thermoplastic body is extremely rugged
  • Professional audio cable is durable, flexible and lightweight
  • Integrated inline button to control external devices
  • Medical Grade LEMO connector locks the Headphone Cable to the Aviation Cable preventing accidental disconnects

Microphone Boom

High Quality, Passive Noise Canceling microphone

  • Slim, flexible microphone boom is light and sturdy
  • 360 degrees of swivel

Available in three sizes:

  • Left Side (Long) - 6.25" (15.2cm) - Standard for most
  • Right Side (XL) - 7" (17.5cm) - Longer for wearing the headset backwards (putting the microphone on the opposite side) or for individuals with larger heads

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