Microphone system that converts High-End Consumer Headphones into Professional Headsets

*HARMONY Pro QC35, Long Mic & 2-Plug Aviation pictured. 

Noise Canceling

Our quality passive noise canceling microphone boom provides clear communications in noisy environments.

No more finding a quiet place or holding a clumsy inline microphone in front of your mouth to be heard.

Form Fitting

We design our products to fit perfectly with the shape and design aesthetics of each headphone.

This makes our products look like it actually belongs with the headphone and not like a cheap tacky add-on.

No Modifications

Designed for a specific headphone, we utilize the unique geometry of the headphone to create a secure mount.

No screws, glues, magnets or velcro; just plug it in.  Our products will not void your factory warranty.

Comfort & Durability

Our microphone systems are designed with a minimal size and weight.  This allows the headset to be worn for hours on end with less fatigue or discomfort.

We did not sacrifice on quality to reduce size and weight.  Each component is made with solid construction and advanced materials to make them strong and durable.

Save Space
 & Reduce Weight

With the HARMONY microphone system, you have a multipurpose headset that provides both entertainment and communication capabilities.

There is no reason to carry and store a second headset that is dedicated specifically to one use.

Universal Design

Nearly all audio communication systems operate differently and are not compatible with one another.  As well, headphones have different performance characteristics which can affect how they respond to varying inputs.

We designed our products around a universal point so that we could fine tune the input and output capabilities of both the device and the headphones to provide the maximum performance with each application.

Which HARMONY is right for you?


*Aviation Cable shown for reference
  • Expandable to work with multiple devices
  • Upgradable to keep up with changing technology
  • Best for maximum versatility and long-term use


*Aviation Cable shown for reference
  • Hard wired for a single use application
  • Wired connections are simple and robust
  • Best value in single use applications

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