How to Spot a Counterfeit QuietComfort 25

Like most high end products, there are lots of counterfeits of the QC25 on the market.  Be very careful when purchasing a headphone to ensure it is not fake.  Counterfeits are often built poorly, cheaply, and will often exhibit odd behavior.  UFlyMike does not guarantee our product compatibility with counterfeit products.


The best way to avoid purchasing a counterfeit headphone is to only purchase from a Bose authorized retailer.  Amazon and eBay are notorious outlets for counterfeit products.  Be very wary of any new or used products being sold through these websites.


1. The Box:  Note the blue hue and slightly blurred details of the product images on all sides of the box and.  Authentic products will have crisp, clear, nicely colored images.

2. The Headphone:  Overall, a slightly grayer tone to the counterfeit where the authentic has a deeper blacker tone.  Counterfeit has poor fit and finish detail.  As well, the counterfeit will feel lighter and not have the quality "heft".

3. Earcup Trim Ring:  Notice the significant ledge that the blue earcup trim ring is attached to on the counterfeit headphone.  This ledge is non-existent on the authentic set.

4. Earcup Lining Printing:  The black screen printed lines used on the earcup lining is noticeably thicker and darker on the counterfeit headphones.

5. Headband Material:  The material used on the counterfeit headband is solid black.  The authentic set has a white or silver material interweaved that shows up in the valleys of the material weave.  Also notice that the pattern of weave of the two materials is very different, the authentic set has a much tighter weave.

6. Headphone Adjustment Slide:  The counterfeit adjustment slight is not lined up properly creating a "kink" at the joint noticeable by looking at the outside lines of the headphone.  A significant gap is also apparent on the inside of the slide on the counterfeit.

7. Headphone Slide Retaining Ring:  Note the warped and uneven surface of the ring holding the top the headphone slide assembly together.

There are many more details that will reveal a counterfeit headphones, these are just the major ones that should be easily seen in photographs and in the hand.

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